Autograf New York: Signature Style for Everyone Hand Crafted in Italy

Behind The Scenes at APIA

The tradition of authentic shoemaking has been important to me ever since I discovered a handful of western boot companies that are still making boots with the same techniques they’ve used for more than a century.

A few years ago, when I traveled through Asia and South America on business, I wondered if such traditional techniques existed in today’s shoemaking. I found that only a few authentic techniques were still being used.

Then, I found a true gem in Italy: A second generation, family-owned factory that has been dedicated to handcrafting fine shoes for more than 40 years.

This factory manufactures APIA, the beautiful, high-quality shoes that are offered at Autograf New York.

APIA thrives on making one-of-a-kind, limited-edition, hand-cut and hand-stitched shoes for shoe lovers around the world.

The level of attention that APIA spends on creating every single shoe for Autograf New York is generally found only at the manufacturers that make shoes for luxury brands like Jimmy Choo, Tod’s and Prada, which—by the way—are all based in the same town in Italy.

I am very lucky and privileged to be among the few partnering with this family to continue the legacy of fine, handcrafted shoes made in Italy.

It is my pleasure to finally share my shoe secret, as well as the friendship that I have built with APIA over the past 20 years; I know you will love these shoes as much as I do.