Autograf New York is a dream come true

When I was 7 years old, I knew I wanted to be a fashion designer.

Flash forward to 1998—I graduated from Middlesex University in London with a B.A. in fashion and first class honors. I also won Best Women’s Collection 1998 at BHS Graduate Fashion Week in front of 2,000 London fashion editors. My collections sold within a week, kickstarting my lifelong dream of becoming a designer.


In 2000, I moved to the U.S. and spent 14 years working for fashion brands such as Ann Taylor, Fossil, Lucchese and Camuto Group. From 2000 to 2002, I worked in couture beading, then I ran the embellishment division at Ann Taylor for two years. Since 2004, I have worked in footwear, traveling to places like India, China, Brazil and Italy. My work and travel experiences created my passion for handcrafted goods.


As I searched for the inspiration to launch my own company, I looked back on my unique story. I was born in Gdansk and grew up with a deep ambition to become a designer. My dream came true, and I have since traveled the world and lived in London, New York, Dallas, El Paso and again New York.

My mission now is to share my story and to help other women by educating them about the fit and creation of well-made shoes. Autograf New York has only the highest quality leather, Italian-made women’s shoes in extended sizes, providing signature style for everyone.

I hope I can change the life of even just one woman with a pair of Autograf New York shoes—handcrafted in her perfect size.