Size matters!

These two photos show the source of my empathy for women who struggle to find shoes that fit.

Growing up, I always felt different because my feet were a size 11; they are now a size 12.

As a teenager, I spent a year in high heels that were a size too small. That year was enough to severely injure my still-growing bones, causing me to have corrective foot surgery at the age of 23. This trying experience, combined with my career as a fashion designer, made me a unique expert on the fit of women’s shoes and was a driving force behind the creation of Autograf New York.



Autograf New York’s “size matters” mantra is a direct result of my struggles and the struggles of other women who have foot pain from wearing the wrong shoes.

My goal is to help women in the U.S. find chic, well-made footwear in the right size. 

Autograf New York sells women’s shoes and boots in extended sizes 4 to 13.

In the next few seasons, we hope to expand our offerings to include half sizes and even size 15.  

This is a challenge worth my efforts because I know there are other women who are suffering in the wrong size shoes like I did.

These x-rays plainly show how my feet have endured the damaging effects of wearing ill-fitting shoes—even for just that one year. Today, I am happy to be wearing comfortable shoes—that actually fit—without sacrificing style.

Let Autograf New York be your trusted source to find fashionable, well-fitting, handcrafted footwear season after season!