What is Your Signature Style?



Thank you for contributions TODAY! We have reached 25,000 visitors on our IndiegogoPage and our GOGO Factor is climbing up and we most likely will extend our campaign.

Signature Style for Everyone Tagline was born during the recording process of my Indiegogo Campaign. 

What does it mean for EVERYONE? How Can women's shoes be for everyone. True meaning of this tagline reflects my personal idea of what a personal style is - FREEDOM of your dress style. Whatever makes you happy today and whatever you want to show the world - Your message IS OK! Shoes and bags are very important message "tags" we carry around with us all day. I am not about the "labels" but about what your "tags" manifest about you.

Are you High Class Preppy Socialite, Goth, Punk, Rock & Roll, BadAss Cowgirl, Tomboy, Fashion Diva with latest tags still hang in off the shirt? Do you get the picture? We project our social status and aspirations through our Signature Style.

Recently I attended an interesting seminar with champagne in Brooklyn, New York where three beautiful young ladies explained their take on 
DRESS TO MANIFEST. It was very interesting and I now have homework on finding style to manifest my aspirations of becoming the most popular SHOE DESTINATION!
PLEASE HELP ME GET THERE! You are my network - you are my TRIBE!

Women's Shoes need to above all COMFORTABLE! Without comfort we are miserable and a shoe pain can easily put your root canal to sleep! You have to trust me on this one after my foot surgery.

Comfort First.

Secondly we need to find our style and a brand and get devoted to it when you find a shoe brand that is comfortable, reliable and lasts long time. Then you will rely on it for years. The KEY is to find timeless styles and invest.

Autograf New York offers Effortless Timeless ITEM pieces.

I assure you once you test ANITTA - you will come back for more. To this day owners of APIA and I can not find a better fitting flat. Roomy toe, very comfortable elastic top line and leather that lasts long time. It is versatile and ultra comfortable!


Enjoy my Drizellas and Cinderellas!
Monika Kusinska