PASSION and DEVOTION To My Talents and Handcrafted Shoes!


To My Talents and Handcrafted Shoes!

Recently I watched a TEDxBrussels speech by Jonathan Sackner-Bernstein titled "It's Not Too Late to Make a Difference." I recommend it highly! In that content, we learn that our major potential kicks in after 35. In fact, our peak of wisdom stretches from 35 >> way beyond 65 >> and only very slightly diminishes with age.


 Salvatore Ferragamo became famous after devoting his entire life to great fitting shoes. He started with a problem--"poorly fitting shoes."
We also learn that both Albert Einstein and Malcolm Gladwell were incorrect about A) most potential age for your discovery B) having to spend more than 10,000 hours to find what you are good at. It surely helps to find your calling at 23, but it is not necessary. 10,000 hours of work and experience help, but these aren't the driving force--and actually are only 1-2% of the driving force--behind successful people. Then what is?

Passion and devotion to your craft. 

My personal painful event of corrective surgery at 23 led to Autograf New York--solving a problem of "quality shoes for large, hard to find sizes."

In that speech, we also learn that it takes scientific research of 1000+ samples or more to discover a change on one sample of mold leading to a cure for a disease.  This proves one point to me!—Devotion is key. It may happen before or after the 10,000th hour of your work, but you need to be around to notice the change on your MOLD.

Salvatore Ferragamo was born into the shoe industry and devoted his life to great fitting shoes. Not finding the right technical support in US after working in Hollywood for many years, he moved back to Italy and launched his business there. He immersed himself in this craft, which led to many great discoveries and inventions in women's shoes, like a WEDGE Sole!

I have known my mold since age 7. I stuck by it through days of doubt, and it is my calling to be a fashion designer and to know I was able to see the change on my MOLD--a specific strain--shoes for LARGER FOOTPRINTS. It feels awesome to know it. My search is over, and I only need to stick around for the whole world of Large Footed Women to find me--read and learn about me--and then become members of my TRIBE.
Thank you for your support!
This is just the beginning of Autograf New York!