Women’s Leather Shoes in Size 5 Handmade in Italy.

Petite-Sized Shoes are as hard to find as Plus-Sized Shoes for Women.

Large companies do not want to cater to a demographic of consumers that comprise only a fraction of the market, but instead, sell in mass numbers.

When it comes to Women’s Shoes – all Cinderella Story sisters have the same problem – where to find their shoe size.


Drizella and Anastasia – Cinderella’s ugly sisters -- had super large feet and could not fit in the glass slipper. The glass slipper was petite. Within one of the first children’s stories, we hear of a shoe problem associated with unique sizes.


Today, the problem of Petite-Sized Shoes and Plus-Sized Shoes is addressed on-line thanks to e-commerce.

However, most consumers of hard-to-find sizes complain about lack of quality and comfort.

Inexpensive shoes fall apart quickly, and better brands do not want to serve a small niche.

Autograf New York is devoted to helping women with Petite-Shoe-Size and Plus-Shoe-Size needs. Autograf New York is dedicated to quality and handcrafted in Italy leather shoes.

The Owner and Creative Director of Autograf New York, Monika Kusinska, is size 12. Starting a business with a mission to solve a problem many women experience became her passion and full-time job.

“Being a shoe designer was the key for me to understand the way shoes are made and built. Traveling and working with factories around the world was an education I am using today to create and buy shoes that are well fitting and made with quality materials and classic styles to last. I use fashion as my tool. I definitely will compromise my own design to get the shoes to fit and be comfortable. Function is by far the most important aspect of shoe design for me.”

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With more than 15 years of experience designing for women’s fashion brands, award-winning shoe designer Monika Kusinska launched Autograf New York in 2014. Driven by her personal endeavor to find well-made, comfortable shoes in uncommon sizes in the United States, Kusinska-Paez decided to bring the luxury of high-quality, Italian leather shoes stateside. In 2000, she attended Parsons School of Design with a concentration on footwear, and later designed for women’s shoe brands including Ann Taylor, Fossil, Lucchese and Camuto Group.