Autograf New York: Extended Size Women 12 & Women 13 Shoes

Shoe shopping must be an exciting experience. No one can tell you that you have too many pairs.

However, if you have big feet and you need extended size women 12 and women 13 shoes, shoe shopping can really be a nightmare.

The majority of companies do not make shoes that are bigger than a size 10. And if they do make a few pairs, they always sell out immediately.

To help women with big feet make it easier to explore the world of shopping for trendy shoes, we ensure that our collection of shoes also cater those with large feet.

Our founder and creative director at Autograf New York, Monika Kusinska, is wearing a shoe size of 12. She knows how tough it is to find shoes in this category. Thus, she started a business to provide comfortable, high-quality shoes for all sizes, including uncommon sizes.

From ballerina to sneakers to boots, Autograf New York got you covered. The selection of 12s and 13s are abundant and built to last.

Our collection in this category does not only cater to casual shoe wearers but we also provide shoes for serious fashion wearers.

The extended shoe sizes that we have in store will not overwhelm you. But we do have many options, so there is something for everyone.

The shape and size of your foot can change throughout adulthood. And when you are still getting taller, your feet are also getting bigger to hold your body up.

Whether you are a size 12 or 13, you need to buy shoes that fit properly. If you have a narrow part of your foot, wearing a wrong type of shoe can push your big toe in causing bunion later on.

We are not afraid to compromise design as long as they will not ruin the function, i.e. making our shoes comfortable and functional. If these two cannot be met, we discard the design.

Our boots and flats are designed to fit bigger feet, so as not to cause them pain.

When it comes to extended sizes, fit is first on our list and it must be on your list, too.

Trend selection

Do you need Chelsea boots or ankle boots? We got your back.

Our collection includes Vera black and light ankle boots, Chukka boots, and Petra brown Chelsea boots. All of them are handcrafted in Italy.

We also have shoes for rainy days and stylish comfort, as well as shoes that you can put on in the middle of winter.