Fashion Italian Leather Shoes at Autograf New York

The rules of buying women’s shoes are relatively straightforward. But many women still commit sins when purchasing a pair.

To be well-rounded, you do not need 50 pairs of shoes.

However, you do need appropriate shoes that you may wear for every occasion or season. Ballerina flats for casual outfit. Oxford shoes for formal wear. And sneakers for a weekend getaway.

Spending your money on fashion Italian leather shoes is a great investment. They may be more expensive than non-leather shoes but they are good-fitting and well-made. As they are made of quality leather, they can outlast a closet full of cheap imitations.

Leather soles and heels

Oxfords are a popular choice.

Chukka boots can also be a wonderful alternative to complement your dressy suit.

A pair of tan ankle boots can be matched up with dark jeans.

In causal affairs, ballerina fashion Italian leather shoes can be an appropriate choice as they can easily go with a pair of jeans or slacks. Aletta’s black Mary Jane flat shoes are soft with flexible sole designed to provide ease and comfort.

For a night-out with your friends during weekend, printed pointy flats can be another great choice.

Why fashion Italian leather shoes?

It is simply because they are made to last. Italian leathers are quite different from traditional leathers as they are made from ostrich leathers, which are thicker and more durable.

Italian leather shoes are also known for the high-quality of their craftsmanship. They are full grain leather that is made of very best raw hides. This means that they will not need sanding to eliminate the imperfections. As they age, their beautiful sheen remains intact.

The premium price of fashion Italian leather shoes is due to the fact that the quality and beauty remain longer, compared with other shoes.

Our handcrafted fashion Italian leather shoes can look more beautiful as they age. As a result, they provide years of enjoyment.

If you are shopping for a pair of leather shoes in vivid colors, we can give you pairs so you can walk out of your house in great style.

All of our leather shoes are made with genuine leather. You will find them to be an excellent addition to your wardrobe as they always age gracefully over time.

Our Italian leather shoes are constructed and made with superior standards. Autograf New York does not sell shoes with bonded leather.