The Simplicity and Elegance of Handmade Leather Shoes Classic Oxford Black

Handmade Leather Shoes Classic Oxford black and mirror silver are always sleek and elegant, despite their simplicity of style.

Oxford Shoes


Sienna black chukka boots are a perfect example of how Oxfords should look like – sleek and minimal. Although they are a type of Chukka boots, they are also categorized as Oxford shoes. They are handcrafted in Italy to ensure quality.

When you wear them, they create a slimming effect as they form a part of your pants’ leg line. Available in two different colors, they can be perfect for your everyday wear.

Dedicated to traditional shoemaking, Autograf New York makes shoes entirely by hand. Utilizing only top quality shoe leathers, we can ensure that these Black Chukka boots can last for a lifetime, as long as they are properly cared for.

With the use of traditional shoe making techniques, these handmade two-eyelet classic Oxford shoes are considered as the most versatile style of women’s shoes.

They are formal but can be worn on any type of occasions. In other words, they are a pair of all-around dress shoes. Even though they have been polished, they are not done “exceedingly.”

A chic alternative to a pair of sneakers, handmade Oxford shoes offer more flair.

Wear them with a pair of boyfriend’s jeans and you will have a more relaxed vibe.

But put a blazer on and you will have a more dressed up outfit.

If you are not sure what shoes to wear with your colored jeans, then these pair of handmade leather shoes are not only comfortable but they are also an excellent choice for this case.

Genderless twist

Our Sienna black Chukka boots have “genderless” design. They can handle masculinity and femininity outfit.

Whether they are worn with red, black or white jeans, they can offer striking appearance as there are no rules when wearing them.

Some people think that Oxford shoes and dresses will always look quirky when they are paired together. But for those who are a bit adventurous, they pair them with a skirt to contrast the masculine nature of these shoes.

We constructed these shoes to make them look great and versatile so they can be worn with anything, anywhere.

These classic Oxford come in great style to make sure that you wear them to impress. They are flexible and comfortable, even if you pair them with long skirts.

With a pair of these handmade leather Oxford classic shoes, you will always look stylish.



With more than 15 years of experience designing for women’s fashion brands, award-winning shoe designer Monika Kusinska launched Autograf New York in 2014. Driven by her personal endeavor to find well-made, comfortable shoes in uncommon sizes in the United States, Kusinska-Paez decided to bring the luxury of high-quality, Italian leather shoes stateside. In 2000, she attended Parsons School of Design with a concentration on footwear, and later designed for women’s shoe brands including Ann Taylor, Fossil, Lucchese and Camuto Group.