Autograf New York - High-End Women Shoes Designer Boutique

Autograf New York is a high end women shoes designer boutique that aims to provide women with, not just desirable, but also cutting-edge designer shoes.

Recognized as a shop that values quality over quantity, Autograf is renowned for its premium fashionable Italian leather shoes.

Supplying “signature style for everyone,” Autograf New York offers wide range of sizes. Whether you are petite or a tall lady, you can have a pair that fits your feet perfectly.

Autograf’s founder and designer, Monika Kusinska worked as a shoe designer for Ann Taylor and other well-known shoe brands before she came up with an idea of opening her own brand.

Launched in 2014, Autograf’s high end women shoes designer boutique focuses on creating handcrafted Italian leather shoes to support the art of boot making. While it focuses on hand-crafted quality shoes, Autograf also offers shoes with uncommon sizes.

All of the high-end, handmade shoes available at Autograf come with timeless and fashionable designs. And each of them is made with topnotch materials to provide ease and comfort for all sizes.

European designer

Monika may be living in New York now but she is still considered as European designer, who strives to provide women with timeless shoes that focus on quality. The premium materials being used are visible as soon as you touch a pair of Monika-designed shoes.

If you like wearing shoes made of luxurious materials and premium construction, then you cannot go wrong with our shoe collection. The attention to detail, as well as the precision, is very visible to anyone who loves high-quality shoes.

As a designer, Monika travels to different parts of the world to find new inspiration and ideas. The culture and tradition of a country always inspires her new designs.

Autograph is not just about providing uncommon shoe sizes but it is also about creating unmatched quality shoes. Monika does not just hire any footwear companies to produce her designs. Instead, she strives to look for Italian and European technicians who understand how to create and deliver matchless quality.

The technicians of Autograf understand that competing with Asian technicians can be pointless. Thus, they concentrate on producing desirable results that are greatly valued by consumers.

Although Autograf New York is a high end women shoes designer boutique, we still aim to provide you with your own personal style while promoting comfort.

Shop for our leather shoes that have been handcrafted in Italy. Whether you need ballerina flats, Oxford shoes, or Chukka boots, we got you covered.