Designer Monika Kusinska Journey to design and make traditional leather women's shoes handcrafted in Italy

ITALY is known for its high-quality shoes. It is home to world-renowned shoe designers, like Bruno Magli and Giovanna Zanella.

A go-to-country to find inspiration, Italy also offers top-quality materials that any shoe designer would like to use for their own designs.

Monika’s new shoe collection will still follow the same hand-crafted techniques to create shoes for un-common sizes. Expect to have timeless and fashionable shoe designs that are made with high-quality materials that will make them comfortable for any shoe size.

As a European designer, Monika strives to create shoes that will never go out of style. Going to Italy will help her find new ideas for the new collection.

While in Italy, Monika will go to several shoe houses to better understand how to provide women shoes that can cater to even those with larger feet. The goal of her trip is to assist women in the US in finding well-made footwear that fits them perfectly.

Taking a trip to Florence and Milan, Monika will also help her recharge. As part of unwinding and de-stressing, she will shoot some movies. She may also learn various beading techniques that can help her with the new design.

Design new collection

The new collection will be about regular sizes and larger-sized shoes for women. The larger sizes will be as trendy and as fashionable as those shoes in regular size. They will also come in exciting designs and colors.

The latest designs will further allow women with larger size shoes to feel like they belong to a club. They are still handmade to preserve quality. Handmade shoes are unique because hands are not as precise as a machine. Thus, each object is quite different from another.

The fresh collection will also encourage people to purchase high-quality, handcrafted shoes. It aims to promote quality over quantity as it persuades people to buy less but choose wisely.

As part of the new collection, Monika is finding new ways to expand Autograf’s offerings so as to include half sizes and bigger sizes up to 15.

The new collection of shoes designed by Monika will be appreciated by women who value genuine materials, luxury and quality. When women shop at Autograf’s new collection, they find that the new shoes resonate the company’s mantra, i.e. quality comes first before quantity.

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