From painful foot surgery to Shoe Business dedicated to comfort and fit for large size footprints.

Being the tallest girl in the class was my birth predisposition. I was picked by basketball and hurdles coaches very early on and tried both disciplines just to realize that bruised knees and hours of training was not my passion.

Proportionally to my legs and height, my feet manifested quickly to grow above the charts at every age. By age 16, I was one size larger than my mother and so lost access to custom Warsaw cobbler-made shoes!

Trying to keep up with the ‘90s trends, I fell hard for high heels and squeezed my feet into size 10 pumps. This only continued for a fraction of a year or two, but in this short time, permanent damage was caused to my still-growing bones.

By 23, I was ripe material for bunion surgery. Following 12 months of rigorous and self-disciplined recovery, I survived the most painful year, which secretly set the course for my mission today–to make comfortable shoes for large shoe size women.



The surgery I endured at such an early age contributed to my acute intolerance for uncomfortable shoes. Perhaps it took a few years of wasting money on shoes I could never wear again for me to finally accept the new, post-surgery endurance of my feet. I officially could not stand pain caused by wearing uncomfortable shoes.

Perhaps it was my calling, or just the attention to my feet and shoes I could and could not wear, that created my constant preoccupation with sourcing comfortable shoes.

I was gradually sourcing for shoe designer positions in New York.  More than 10 years of shoe designing experience, paired with my empathy for pain created by shoes and being size 12, made me a very unique expert - one of a kind, indeed.


I test all my shoes and, yes, gone are the days of sourcing for my size 12 shoes.

Having access to handcrafted shoes from the heart of Italy, the cradle for well-made Italian shoes, is a blessing and advantage I want to share with other women.

I am passionate about comfort, fit and, most of all, size. 

After hearing women thanking me and crying in joy over finding Autograf New York, I knew my mission was genuinely well received.  Finding women who understand Italian handmade comfort is definitely more challenging than finding women sourcing for sale and cheap shoes.

However, with education and a test of wearing a pair of my shoes, I know I can count on my loyal tribe of customers coming back to support my efforts, time and again.

I am loyal to my beliefs and my experience and want women to trust me on the basis of my own painful past caused by ill-fitting shoes. Autograf New York is dedicated to the “Size Matters” mantra.

Firstly, we have to make sure that the SHOE FITS – in your size!

Then, we have to make sure that that whatever size you wear fits very well, with the right arch support, cushion and heel height.

Finally, with the luxury of ITALIAN SHOEMAKING, we can provide great quality and pamper your feet with soft, comfortable and breathable leathers in Italian designs and colors sourced carefully at LINEA PELLE twice a year by Monika Kusinska and her growing team.

I invite you to try one pair and, if the shoe fits and you are happy with the quality, give it a test of time. I know how long my shoes last as I have been wearing shoes made at this factory for the past 6-7 years.  There is no risk; we offer full refunds to customers who could not fit in our shoes.

However, our return rate is extremely low. It just isn’t possible not to fall in love with Autograf New York shoes and boots!


Designer Monika Kusinska


With more than 15 years of experience designing for women’s fashion brands, award-winning shoe designer Monika Kusinska-Paez launched Autograf New York in 2014. Driven by her personal endeavor to find well-made, comfortable shoes in uncommon sizes in the United States, Kusinska-Paez decided to bring the luxury of high-quality, Italian leather shoes stateside. In 2000, she attended Parsons School of Design with a concentration on footwear, and later designed for women’s shoe brands including Ann Taylor, Fossil, Lucchese and Camuto Group.