I discovered Autograf New York shoes this spring by happy accident. I’m never not on the hunt for great shoes in my size 12-13, but recent issues with low-quality heels (at not insignificant price points, I might add) have left me wanting an alternative, but certainly not expecting it—better shoes that put comfort and fit first, while being on-point aesthetically. 

In Autograf, I found fit, fashion, and feel—and can happily say that I’ve never tried an ankle boot that felt so good on my size 12-13 foot, looked so incredibly awesome (you can read more of my review of the VERA, here), and withstood city gravel, pavement, and walking without a blemish. In learning more about how this brand offering stylish, comfortable shoes for women sizes 4-13 came to be, I got acquainted with the exceptional Monika Kusinska Paez, President and Creative Director of Autograf.

From the start of our conversation, Monika’s passion, expertise, and creativity resonated in her every word. She has lived as a tall (5’10”) woman with size 12 feet, and quite literally experienced the pain of not fitting in. She has worked in shoe design and manufacturing for almost 2 decades, experiencing the market’s male dominance and focus on profits over all else. And she has spent her life soaking up the world with her eyes, and translating her vision into individualistic and modern designs. Her mission as an entrepreneur is one we can all get behind: she is taking back women’s footwear to provide us busy, professional types with exceptionally-crafted shoes that not only look beautiful, but actually help us live our lives on-the-go. Though Autograf is new to the world (born in 2014), I have no doubt that Monika and her brand will become household names very soon—and give the guys–from Vince Camuto and Christian Louboutin—some nice long runs run for their money.


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