A product review of Autograf New York Women's Wide Calf Boot, Savannah XL

Looking for Women's Wide Calf Boots, try Autograf New York, here is why:


Autograf New York offers women’s wide calf boots and other footwear including booties, flats, pumps, sandals and sneakers! It’s the perfect gift and well worth the investment. Trust me, your feet will thank you and you’ll look great. You can’t ask for more! Autograf New York specializes in handmade European footwear for women in extended sizes ranging from sizes 8-14. It is rare to find high quality women’s wide calf boots. Founder, Monika Kusinska, recognizes that “living the large-shoe-size life is No Small Feat so her goal is to help simplify the process “by providing high-quality, comfortable and fashionable footwear that fits correctly for your size.”


I am a plus-size woman who has always been in double digit apparel and shoes. After pregnancy there was ZERO bounce back. And to top it off I went from a size 10/10.5 to an 11. I know that other women in the same size bracket can relate to the frustration associated it with finding cute and comfortable footwear.  I have always struggled with riding boot fit which is extremely aggravating. The Savannah zips right up over my calf and jeans. I’ve never experienced this, and it is an amazing feeling! I also have room to spare in the shoe which is an added bonus.


Not only does the Savannah fit well, it is extremely comfortable. This is important because I am constantly on-the-go. Having a boot that can move with me is so important. I don’t experience any friction between my foot and the boot, and my toes have tons of wiggle room.


The Savannah is just a flat-out gorgeous boot. The attention to detail and quality of the design materials are impeccable. My favorite part of the boot is the lacing on the back. It’s super flirty and adds an extra touch of fun. Thus far I’ve worn the boot with casual looks, but the boot can definitely be dressed up for work or play.

Danielle Boyd