My name is Monika and I’m glad you found us.
It is my mission to help remarkable women like you put your best foot forward in your unique journey to success by providing high-quality, comfortable and fashionable footwear that fits correctly for your size.
Wearing size 12 myself, I know the frustration of trying to find our sizes all too well.
I squeezed my feet into ill-fitting shoes in my teens and early 20s to look my best ignoring the effect it would have on my feet. Double foot surgery at the age of 23 taught me a valuable lesson and helped propel me into a career designing shoes.
After 15 years designing for major brands and knowing first-hand how hard it is to find shoes that fit, I knew I had to take these size matters into my own hands and created Autograf New York for women like us.
No more endless searches. No more buying shoes “just in case”. No more settling for one of the only two styles in stock in our size. We’ve taken that all on for you sourcing our designs from the best shoemakers in the world from Italy and Spain who have produced for the likes of Hermés and Louis Vuitton.
They are experts in large-size grading, proportionally constructed arch support & high-quality components to deliver on our designs and your needs without the price those brands command.
If you’ve ever felt heels slipping, tight width, points biting your toes, or lack of arch support you know what poor fitting shoes feel like and we want to clear those worries from your mind so you can concentrate on bigger and better things.
Living the large-shoe-size life is NO SMALL FEAT. We aim to simplify it.
Monika Kusinska Founder Designer Autograf New York Large and Extended Size Women's Shoes
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