VERA- Black Sacchetto slip on summer booties

$ 156 $ 246

Exclusive ultra light Sacchetto Black perforated leather summer booties

  • Feathery light Sacchetto construction fits like a glove
  • Roomy relaxed fit oval shape toe
  • Natural stacked leather heels 1/2" (17mm), approximately
  • Genuine leather lining
  • Flexible buffed genuine leather soles
  • Extended size women's shoes 8, 10, 11, 13
  • Available in Tan & Black perforated leather
  • Handmade in Italy 

Sacchetto construction is a very old-world shoemaking technique of stitching the lining and the insole together first, then sewing the whole piece to the upper. Such fit provides in all-day comfort because the shoe inner sock molds perfectly to your foot. Sacchetto styles are super flexible without hard components making each style ultra-light and fit perfect to your unique individual feet.

Today Sacchetto shoes are predominantly made in Europe (Italy and Spain) in factories producing high quality better women’s shoes.

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